$149.00 USD

One-on-One Coaching Call (Single Session)

Sign up for a one-on-one video coaching call with Chris from Why Logic Pro Rules ->

Logic Pro have you stuck? Need help with specific aspects of audio production? Hop on a 60-minute call with me to get direct answers to your most pressing questions!

Coaching Calls are available:

  • Every Friday i60-minute blocks
  • Through a Zoom private meeting

Upon purchase, you'll be prompted to create login details on WLPR's course site. You'll also receive an email for logging in. 

Once you log into your Member Area:

  1. Click the "One-on-One Coaching Call" Product
  2. Click the blue "Schedule Session" button to choose your preferred date & time for our call.

Once you select a date and time, your call is now scheduled! You'll receive an email that will take you directly to the session page for joining the call 🙂

You can also share notes and files ahead of time via the session page so I can prepare for our conversation.

During the call you'll be able to share your screen and audio and ask questions. I'll answer questions and guide you through anything you're struggling with.

Pretty cool, huh? Schedule your one-on-one call with me today ➡️

(Do note, I don't offer the option for remote access and control of your Mac.)