Mastering got you stumped?


Are you struggling to give your songs the same balance, loudness, and polish as your favorite professional tracks?


Sign off on your tracks with confidence using a repeatable mastering system that uses 5 plugins you already own.


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I'm Chris Vandeviver. Founder of Why Logic Pro Rules.

Every week I help thousands of Logic users around the world get the most they can out of Apple's Logic Pro.

The Dark Art of Mastering

If there's one area of music that continues to be the biggest source of mystery and confusion, it's gotta be mastering.

We've all heard how important mastering is. And we all want the best for our songs. But what the heck does a mastering engineer even do, anyways?

For a long time I could only imagine folks with "golden ears" in lab coats working in million dollar rooms. These sorcerers would turn "okay" mixes into brilliant ones. Like water into wine.

While you and I mere mortals toil to make our music sound good, mastering engineers were on another level. These guys and ladies held the key to transforming our mixes into gold.

For years and years I wanted to learn how to master my own music. But I was always afraid. Afraid of ruining my mixes I worked so hard to pull together.  

Because that was my best effort! How could I improve on a mix I spent hours, days, or even weeks on?

And at that point I knew the collateral damage was too great. If I messed up mastering my own song, that was it. I might as well take my mixes and throw them in the garbage.

Even when I tried to work up the courage to sit down and master, I had no idea where to even start.

Should I start with EQ? Or Compression? And what am I even listening for when I start to EQ or Compress?

So for years I hired a mastering engineer for all my Projects. And he's always done a great job and treated me right.

But I couldn't help but feel like I was the one losing out having to hire someone to finish my Projects.

The Mythology of Mastering

Now don't take this the wrong way - mastering engineers are highly skilled and necessary professionals in our industry.

But let's examine a couple truths:

Mastering engineers work with the same tools you and I both use everyday:

  • EQs
  • Compressors
  • Limiters
  • A handful of specialized tools depending on the problem

Mastering is a balancing act. It's the balance of frequency, dynamics, and stereo width.

Just like you, mastering engineers use EQ. The only difference is they're EQing an entire mix and not just the snare or the vocals.

The same goes for Compression and Limiting.  A mastering engineer's goal is to adjust the dynamic balance of your  mix. The difference between the peak and average volume. 

Their goal is to bring up the volume of your mix to a competitive level, while mantaining a clean and balanced master.

The tool kit remains the same. The only difference is the perspective a mastering engineer approaches your mix from.

Think back to the last song you worked on  in Logic. From the first moment your musical idea popped into your mind  to the finished mix... 

Every step of the way you were hyper-focused on the small details of your song:

  • At the writing stage... you deeply considered different musical ideas, arrangements, and lyrics
  • At the recording stage... you worked hard to record the best performances you could
  • At the editing stage... you meticulously examined the timing and pitch of your recordings
  • At the mix stage... you deliberated on the best way to EQ and Compress each individual instrument

Every step of the way you've been knee-deep in tiny details! 

And while a mastering engineer also pays attention to the small details, they work on your song from a very different place.

A mastering engineer focuses on how your song sounds as a whole

What is the big, 50,000 foot view of the mix? 

Is it balanced? Is it overly-compressed? Does it need further processing, or is it ready to share with the world?

What a mastering engineer does have (that you don't) when they sit down to master your track - a fresh perspective.

They haven't listened to your song 2,000 times since writing that first note, like you have...

They haven't fallen in love with the final mix, like you have...

They haven't lost their minds trying to get the mix to work on different speakers, like you have...

(Hey - we've all been there!)

Mastering Doesn't Have to Be a Mystery

Not until the last couple of years did I work up the courage to wrestle with mastering.

But only after I hit a weird crossroad in my audio life...

You see, as I invested more and more into my mixing, the better I got at mixing. And I became so satisfied with my mixes that when it was time for the mastering engineer, I was actually disappointed with the mastered track!

What once was my ticket to a polished track, now it felt like mastering lost some of the magic in my tracks.

That's when I knew that I had a vision for mixes. Now it was time that I develop the skills to see that vision through.

So I dove into the deep end of mastering. Reading everything I could. Watching all the videos and courses I could from mastering engineers.

And as I consumed every bit of mastering knowledge I could, I began to notice some patterns.

While no 2 masters are the same, I found that the mastering process isn't as tough as everyone makes it out to be.

In fact, mastering engineers use the same plugins and processors you and I use every day when we mix and produce. 

I found if I just followed a consistent set of steps, I could give my tracks the polish they needed without the struggle!

These days I'm not nervous or confused when it comes to mastering my tracks. I just rely on my simple and trusted system and get songs finished.

And today I'd like to share with you that system I've found:



Mastering Breakthroughs



A Step-By-Step System For Mastering Your Logic Projects Using the Tools You Already Have.


Mastering Breakthroughs is a course designed to help you break through the mysterious and confusing world of mastering.

Can you master your songs in Logic Pro? Absolutely! And you don't need to buy any more plugins either.

In this course I'll show you how to finalize your tracks using the plugins that already come in Logic Pro X.

But I didn't want to only stop there.

Maybe you've bought some plugins in the past? And maybe you even prefer to use the 3rd party plugins you've invested instead of the Logic plugins.

So in this course we'll master 3 songs:

  • A pop song using only the Logic plugins
  • A rock song using only 3rd party plugins
  • A hip hop song using only Izotope's popular mastering software, Ozone 9

The tools might be different, but the strategies are the same.

Let me show you how I use 5 specific processors for finalizing my mixes.

And finally fix the missing link preventing your songs from achieving their full potential and success.

What You'll Learn in Mastering Breakthroughs

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn in the 12 core video lessons of Mastering Breakthroughs:

Section 1 - Getting Started

Module 1: Mastering Demystified

  • The 5 Myths most users have when it comes mastering - debunked
  • How to prepare yourself for a successful mastering experience

Module 2: Optimizing Your Tracks

  • The 3 critical areas that hurt most home produced tracks - and how to avoid them
  • The exact settings to optimize your tracks for the mastering process

Module 3: Optimizing Your Mastering Template

  • How to set up your mastering template for every mastering session
  • The exact strategy I use to reveal that pro mix sound

Song 1 - Mastering with Logic's Plugins

Module 4: Mastering With Logic's EQ

  • How to choose the exact style of EQ needed for your Project for thoughtful EQing
  • How to use advanced EQ tactics like Mid-Side processing without feeling overwhelmed

Module 5: Mastering With Logic's Compressor and Limiter

  • Dial in the perfect Compressor settings every time by focusing on the right Compressor settings
  • Get to the bottom of how to manage your track's Loudness so you can maximize your tracks impact

Module 6: Adding Volume and Sparkle With Logic's Other Plugins

  • Turn up the punch and volume on your masters without squashing your mix
  • Add sparkle and width thanks to some of Logic's most misunderstood plugins

Song 2 - Mastering with 3rd Party Plugins

Module 7: Mastering With Fabfilter's Pro-Q 3

  • Quickly tame boomy mixes with advanced EQ strategies that you can use right now
  • Remove harshness in tracks quickly and invisibly without breaking a sweat

Module 8: Mastering With Fabfilter's Pro-C, Pro-L, and Other Processors

  • Expand your Compression game exploring often forgotten sections of the Compressor
  • Use this trick for maximizing loudness that no one ever mentions

Song 3 - Mastering with Ozone 9

Module 9: Getting Started With Ozone's Mastering Assistant

  • Get started with Izotope's popular Ozone mastering software without the guesswork
  • Learn how to "speak" Ozone, and understand exactly what its Mastering Assistant is doing to your tracks

Module 10: Finishing Up Where Mastering Assistant Left Off

  • Learn how to take a decent starting point and turn Ozone up to 11
  • Ensure your tracks don't suffer from unwanted distortion due to excessive brickwall limiting

Section 5 - Final Export

Module 11: Exporting Your Mastered Tracks

  • The exact Bounce settings your mastered tracks should have when you're ready to send your master into the world
  • The exact time you should be using Dither (and what Dither even does!)

Module 12: Comparing Our Masters Against LANDR

  • Hear how LANDR, a popular AI mastering service, stacks up against our mastered tracks

Jyrki Y.

"I’ve spent hours and hours with your videos, rewinding them and writing things down. I’m very pleased to notice how dramatically my mix of my country band song recording - originally recorded 7 years ago - changed after remastering it. I managed to get space and brightness into it."


Do I need to buy expensive plugins or gear to be able follow the lessons taught in the course?

Not at all! The goal of Mastering Breakthroughs is to show you how you can master tracks right now using the plugins you already own.

However, I recognized that many of us have spent good money on expensive plugins. So I wanted to cover all the bases. 

In the course I'll show you how to use your Logic plugins, free plugins, and paid plugins for mastering your songs.


I write [country, EDM, ambient] songs. Will the lessons in this course work for me?

The lessons in Mastering Breakthroughs are not genre-specific. The strategies and tools I use in the course are exactly how I would approach any style of music :)


Once I purchase the course do I only have access to it for a limited time?

Nope! When you purchase the course, you'll have lifetime access to all of the lessons. And you can watch the entire course online, or download each video to watch. Whatever works best for you.


How are the lessons in this course different from your other courses?

Mastering Breakthroughs is a deep dive into the world of mastering. While my other course, Finish the Mix, offers mastering tips, FTM focuses mostly on mixing in Logic.

If you're interested in a thorough examination of mastering in Logic, I recommend Mastering Breakthroughs.

The great thing is, both courses complement each other wonderfully.


Why do I need a course on mastering when I can just use an online mastering service like LANDR?

Great question! LANDR and other online mastering services are filling a terrific need right now in our world of audio.

However, online mastering services are kind of like playing "Russian Roulette" with your music. You’re forced to work within the limited tools these services offer for fine-tuning your masters.

When you master your own tracks, you're able to make those judgment calls. This is why it's great to have the foundations for mastering your own music.

Anthony G.

"Well done on this whole thing! I am a professional audio and mastering engineer by trade, but I knew your course would help me tune up my template and tighten up some specific plugin skills that I never fully grokked. Thanks for that!"

A mastering course you can rely on for years to come.


Mastering Breakthroughs is the result of my own deep research of the mastering process.

I wanted to know - what do mastering engineers actually do? What goes on during this final and mysterious stage of the audio process?

And unlike most mix courses and tutorials, Mastering Breakthroughs isn't a mix course with a short video about mastering tacked on at the end.

Mastering is the entire focus of the course.

I've consolidated hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars down into this step-by-step course for you to enjoy.

The average mastering engineer can cost you $100 - $150 per song.

The average online mastering service can cost you hundreds of dollars annually.

And Mastering Breakthroughs could end up saving you thousands in just a year.

Plus, My Personal Guarantee:

Try Mastering Breakthroughs

for a full 60-days, 100% risk-free

Not sure if Mastering Breakthroughs is right for you? No problem. I offer a full, no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee.

Which means you can try out the entire course. And if Mastering Breakthroughs doesn't level up your mastering skills, I insist on giving you a 100% refund.

My goal is to help achieve better mastered tracks. If this course doesn't do that, I don't deserve your money.

So why wait?

Watch the course the entire course and apply the lessons. If Mastering Breakthroughs doesn't improve your masters – send me an email. Show me that the course didn't help you, and I'll refund you your money.

Plus: Enjoy an additional 10% off

When you purchase both Mastering Breakthroughs & my Logic Pro mix course...

Finish the Mix is an 8-module video course that gives you a step-by-step system to break through the noise and finish your mixes with confidence.

This course focuses on the tools you already have - Logic's own plugins and instruments.

In Finish the Mix we'll dig into a rock arrangement that was written and produced using:

- Logic's Drummer & Drum Kit Designer

- Logic's Bass and Guitar Amp Designers

- Vocals recorded in a home studio environment

And using only the Logic plugins, we'll turn our rough demo into a polished and complete track.

Ready to bridge the mastering gap?

Are you ready for polished mastered tracks that are ready to be sent off into the world? Mastering Breakthroughs is your blueprint to finalized tracks.

Try out the course today with 0% risk:

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Doug K.

"One of the most challenging obstacles for me has been mastering. Thanks to your course, I've begun to grasp the vital fundamentals. WLPR has helped me immensely and given me a desire to learn much, much more. Keep up the wonderful work. I can't thank you enough!"

Release Mastered Tracks That Match the Quality of Your Songwriting


Mastering is that final, elusive step that can take a good mix and make it great

A high quality master is the difference between more plays, more fans, and more musical opportunities for you. 

And with Mastering Breakthroughs, you can learn the 5 key ways to upgrade your tracks right now. 

When you optimize your music for punch, clarity, and volume, there's an immediate effect. For me, it resulted in more clients than I know what to do with!

But what about for you? 

Imagine posting your latest track on Spotify. And your fans are so impressed with the quality of the track they can't help but listen or share.

Or how about when you submit your music to music libraries for sync licensing. The person deciding your song's fate isn't focused on the quality of your track, but the quality of the songwriting.

It's so sub-conscious, but we judge the quality of a song or production based on its audio quality. 

According to the Los Angeles Film School, audio quality is just as important to film as the video quality. And can even negatively impact a viewer's interest.

And just take a look at these Spotify statistics from Forbes about how soon listeners will skip a song:

  • 24.14% likelihood of skipping to the next song in the first 5 seconds
  • 28.97% in the first 10 seconds
  • 35.05% in the first 30 seconds
  • 48.6% skip before the song finishes

And that was in 2018

Audio quality matters. That last step before you launch your song into the world is your last chance to iron out the wrinkles.

So you can continue doing what you've always done. Giving it your best guess at mastering your track. 

Or you can solve the mastering mystery with Mastering Breakthroughs. And break through the noise to great finalized tracks.

All The Secrets To Great Final Tracks

All for one low cost:

Master Level



  • 4+ hours of in-depth mastering content
  • Lifetime Access with fully downloadable videos and guides
  • A step-by-step system for maximizing your music's full potential

Guru Level



  • Own both Mastering Breakthroughs and my popular mix course Finish the Mix at a bundled price
  • 4+ hours of in-depth mastering lessons
  • Lifetime Access with fully downloadable videos and guides